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We believe in restoring hope to those who have been outcast from society.  We work to progress global communities through sustainable education and healthcare development projects. Today, Thaakat has adopted three global villages in which we are helping to make strides for the communities every day. 100% of donations go directly to people and projects in need.


Uzma Bawany

Founder and Executive Director - Thaakat

Uzma founded Thaakat Foundation in 2007 with hopes that she could encourage students and young professionals to consider their ability to make an impact for those in need around the world. What started with a board of a few passionate team mates has now blossomed into hundreds of members across the world who have dedicated their days to making a difference. For Uzma, no challenge is too big and no need too small, her goal is to ensure our adopted communities can grow, progress economically and transform the lives of individuals who need us.


Uzma Bawany graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and from Lewis University with an MBA.  She works full time as Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing at a pharma company and is based out of New Jersey.

Nudrat Zoha

Director of Global Projects - Thaakat

Nudrat Zoha received her Master’s in Journalism from Depaul University and is currently pursuing a full-time career in Digital Marketing and Communications. She joined Thaakat in 2010 while doing her undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She started as a Social media manager for Thaakat and is now the Director of Global projects, working with her team and project managers around the world to help address community needs and how Thaakat can help.


Azka Asif

Director Social Media

Azka Asif is a graduate student at DePaul University studying Digital Communications and Media Arts. She works full time as a Communications Specialist at Rotary International, worldwide humanitarian service organization. Always drawn to helping others and looking to make the world a better place, Azka crossed paths with Thaakat during a bone marrow drive in 2013. She is now the Director of Social Media, helping spread the message of Thaakat and volunteerism.

Hina Khan

Global Public Health Lead

Hina’s involvement with Thaakat Foundation has evolved over the years going from a devoted supporter to an active volunteer to visiting our Dreams for Kachra Kundi project site in 2013. Hina currently works as Public Health Lead at Thaakat Foundation, focusing her attention, full-time, on monitoring and tracking the progress at out Fatmata Maternity Center site in Sierra Leone.


Beyond Thaakat, Hina currently works as a Financial Counselor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, focusing her attention on assisting the ailing patient population in need of financial support for their healthcare services. She previously worked in the research and development sector for over 3 years as an Associate Scientist. She earned her Master of Public Health degree in 2014 from Benedictine University and earned her BS in Biology from Loyola University Chicago in 2011.

Sufyan Barkat

Director of Funding & Development

Sufyan is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and received a BS in Physics and BS in Bio-Chemistry. Though technology is his expertise, he felt compelled to be involved somewhere where he could lend his care, services, and time to improve the world.  He's in charge of helping us to grow our existing donor base so that we can support our growing projects and develop a sustainable plan for the future.


Outside of Thaakat, Sufyan works as a Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems.  He uses technology to help customers transform their business and to help them achieve aggressive business goals.

Aysha Qamar

Campus Liason/Social Media

Aysha received a BA in Political Science and Journalism-Media Studies from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing a MA in International Law and Gender Equality from Rutgers University. She aspires to work with human rights and advocacy organizations in the future, to help those who are unable to help themselves.  In her free time she likes to write poetry and cook gourmet style dishes. She felt Thaakat allowed her to have an outlet to give back to the community in a way where she could see the direct impact. Aysha also served as an integral member on the Rutgers New Brunswick board throughout her undergrad time at the University.

Saad Bawany

Program Manager/ Annual Events

Saad Bawany received his Master's from the School of Business Management from Northern Illinois University and Bachelor's in Accounting from University of Illinois-Chicago. He transitioned out of public accounting to work on the business side of school districts, as he developed a true passion for doing something more rewarding by helping children maximize their potential. He has been volunteering with Thaakat since its inception, however, he accepted a more defining and important role when the annual basketball tournament ensued in 2010; which has turned into Thaakat's largest annual fundraiser. Today, Saad manages the start to finish leadership and planning of our annual Feed the Need Basketball Tournament in Chicago, IL.

Ruhail Moffat

Local Operations / Logistics Lead

Ruhail Moffat works full time as a System Administrator for Costco Wholesale in Seattle, WA. Ruhail's journey with Thaakat began as a volunteer during the 1st Annual Charity Basketball tournament in Chicago in 2010. In 2013 Ruhail visited the Dreams for Kachra Kundi school in Pakistan which inspired him to get more involved. After seeing the positive impact Thaakat has had, Ruhail began expanding his role and now serves as a Local Operations / Logistics Lead for our annual events and volunteer programs. Ruhail helps to motivate and lead the processes for everything from volunteers and fundraising through AV and sponsorships at our events.

Amani Memon

Fundraising & Development Outreach

Amani Memon received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry and completed her Doctorate of Pharmacy. Amani became involved in Thaakat because she felt it embodied everything she believed in; kindness towards others, compassionate giving, and helping those who are unable under various circumstances. For her, Thaakat is the first of many steps towards being the change she wants to see in the world. Today, Amani has built a network and relationships which have helped our DREAMS for Kachra Kundi school grow and thrive in the face of challenge.

Ayesha Lodhia


Ayesha Lodhia stepped into Thaakat Atlanta as a founding president of the student chapter at Oglethorpe University in Summer 2011. Her first successful year as a leader was topped off with Thaakat Atlanta receiving the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Student Organization at Oglethorpe University in Spring 2012.


Ayesha Lodhia graduated from Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. She currently works as a Tax Associate at Pathstone Federal Street based out of Atlanta. Now she has found a perfect spot as the Treasurer putting her experience with numbers and love for charity work together.

Awais Tariq

Marketing Content Lead

Awais Tariq received a dual-degree in Accountancy and International Business Management from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. After working in banking for a number of years he decided he wanted to do more to directly impact and help others. As a result he is currently pursuing medicine as a profession and helping Thaakat reach its marketing potential.

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