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Break the Silence

The Break the Silence project aims to shed light on the increasing instances of violence against women. To help create a world where women and girls are safe from violence, Thaakat is raising awareness of violence against women by honoring the plight of women worldwide.

Research has shown that 1 in 4 women around the world will be a victim of violent abuse in her lifetime.  We believe the best way to help end the violence is to provide education early on and to engage as allies in women’s economic empowerment.

 Your donation towards this campaign will help to support the below:

  • Mushroom and Livestock farm, Konadu Basic School, Ghana: The goal is to provide at-risk young women with an occupational skill that gives them better economic stability. Food from the farm will also be sold to the local community at a subsidized cost to help those who cannot afford quality, nutritious food in the markets
  • Counseling at Dreams for Kachra Kundi, Pakistan: Funds will help to organize and compensate staff for their time and efforts during weekend counseling visits. The visits encourage parents to send their daughters to school, help to solve domestic disputes and promote the importance of early literacy. Today, the number of female students at our school continues to grow
  • Family planning at Fatama Maternity Center, Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. Our new center is helping women to take control of their health. Funds from this campaign will help us create services at the center which focus on family planning and STD prevention

Every January we launch the L.O.V.E campaign (Love Over Violence Everywhere) in an effort to encourage others to join us in SPEAKING UP. Community mobilization, including through media and social media, is another important component of an effective prevention strategy. To learn more about the campaign or to join us in our plight email

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