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Protecting the Right to Learn

Posted by on Friday, May 15, 2015 in Nudrat Zoha

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Thaakat Foundation has partnered with the One Ummah Foundation and Idara-Al-Khair Welfare Society to make our campus safer than ever.

On December 16, 2014, Pakistan and the rest of the world witnessed one of the most tragic events in history. The Peshawar school massacre shook the world, leaving over 130 school children martyred and their families broken forever. This attack is marked as the deadliest terrorist attack to ever occur in Pakistan.

A school is a safe haven for many parents. Every morning parents say goodbye to their children and leave them in the hands of one of the safest institutions to help their children learn and grow. When attacks occur in such ‘safe’ places, it leaves thousands concerned and even discourages many parents from sending their children to school.

Thaakat Foundation has been working hard for years to build and maintain our campus with Idara-Al-Khair Welfare Society, in the slums of Karachi, Pakistan. Our purpose has always been to provide education to those who deserve and need it most. The students at our campus and their parents alike, all have dreams – dreams of moving past their difficulties and growing up to pursue meaningful careers and lives, to be able to escape poverty by the single most powerful tool known to us: education. Currently our school has over 550 students of which 40% are young girls.

When the Peshawar attack occurred, we were immediately concerned about the safety of our students and faculty at Kachra Kundi. We wanted to assure the community, parents and our donors that we are doing our best to protect the right to learn for these children. The One Ummah Foundation has partnered with us to sponsor the safety and security of our students and staff. Their donations have helped us to begin the construction of a boundary wall to surround the campus as an additional security barrier. We hope that with measures like ours and the continued support of education throughout the country, we never have to witness such a tragedy again. We wish for all students to continue to prosper in peace and love. Thank you to One Ummah Foundation and all of our donors.

Please donate generously to help us fund the completion of this wall.

You may donate here or donate on One Ummah Foundation’s website

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Providing Solutions for Maternal and Child Mortality

Posted by on Monday, March 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

infant death rate

2014 Infant Death Rate in Sierra Leone (73 per 1000 live births).

“Every day 1500 women die due to complications in pregnancy or childbirth. 10, 000 babies per day die within the first month of life and an equal number of babies are born dead. Skilled care around the time of birth would greatly reduce the number of these needless deaths.”

– World Health Organization

Sierra Leone has among the highest maternal mortality and child mortality rates in the world. The thing is, there is no magic solution, there is no miracle we are waiting for. Saving lives is possible through intervention. These are the reasons we started building the Fatmata Maternity Center in 2012. We didn’t want women to lose their life because of the long and treacherous walks to hospitals, we didn’t want them bleeding to death in their homes. We wanted them to enjoy the gift of life in happiness and health with their young ones. Given that the district hospital is more than 20 miles away and only accessible to most by foot, we extend our healthcare services to all at risk patients in the community regardless of gender, age or ailment.

Today, we serve a population of more than 20,000 people from 6 neighboring communities.

So how are we helping mommas and babies? Since our opening in April 2014, our center has welcomed more than 60 happy and healthy baby deliveries. With Malaria, Pneumonia and poor nutrition being the leading cause of infant illness and mortality, we offer free vaccinations for all children. In addition, your donations help us to provide 1 large sack of SierraMix for children in need every month.

SierraMix is a nutritional supplement given to infants and babies who do not have access to quality, nutritional food in their most vulnerable days of life. It could be that the mother is ill and cannot breastfeed, it could be that the family is poor and does not have access to quality food. This supplementation is saving lives with your help.

To view a full 2014 treatment report from our center click here

Our goals for Fatmata Maternity are below:
  1. Help residents to better manage healthcare issues plaguing the community (Malaria, STDS, ARI (acute respiratory illness)
  2. Drive more women to own their health—encourage pre natal care, deliveries at the center and post delivery mother and baby healthcare
  3. Reduce mortality/illness of children under five by ensuring every mother visiting the center has the education, resources, vaccines and access to nutritional supplements to help avert neonatal problems
  4. Be an active leader in community malaria control activities

Please continue to follow our updates at www.facebook.com/thaakatfoundation

To donate to Fatmata Maternity visit www.thaakat.org/donate.


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Help Us Empower Women

Posted by on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Chicago, IL, January 2015 – Thaakat launches its newest campaign the L.O.V.E. campaign which stands for Love Over Violence Everywhere. This campaign is a part of the Break the Silence project which aims to shed light on the increasing instances of violence against women.

We at Thaakat, have chosen to SPEAK UP. Our L.O.V.E. Campaign encourages women to stand up for the respect that they deserve, while at the same time inspiring societies to esteem the women in their lives.

You can unite with us in SPEAKING UP by contributing a donation on the L.O.V.E. Campaign webpage: http://www.supportlocalstuff.com/loveoverviolence

Research has shown that 1 in 4 women around the world will be a victim of violent abuse in her lifetime.  Gender violence leads to an unhealthy society in which the success and progress of women is deterred. Due to the international stigma of speaking about gender-based violence, this worldwide challenge is known as the Silent Epidemic.

To help create a world where women and girls are safe from violence, Thaakat is raising awareness of violence against women by honoring the plight of women worldwide. We believe the best way to help end the violence is to provide education early on and to engage as allies in women’s economic and social empowerment.  Please visit us here to see how your donation will be helping.

When you donate to the L.O.V.E. Campaign, you will get to honor a loved woman in your life with a special card:

  1. With a donation of up to $50, the Valentines’ e-card will be sent to your recipient, please include the name and email of your intended recipient in an email to thaakat@gmail.com.

  2. With a donation of $51 or more, the actual Valentines’ card will be mailed to your recipient. Please include a note which includes the name, address and a note for your recipient.

    About Thaakat

    Thaakat Foundation was started by a group of students in the summer of 2007. With Facebook being our initial platform, Thaakat Foundation has grown rapidly, and in 2008 it became a 501(c)(3) government recognized not for profit organization.  Constant appreciation from our supporters and NGO partnerships continue to fuel our initiative towards social responsibility. Today, we have adopted global communities in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Pakistan.  We work with these communities on educational, healthcare and economical progress. Visit Global Projects > Current Projects for more information.

To partner with us on this effort or for more information please email ubawany@thaakat.org.

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