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A day at ‘Dreams for Kachra Kundi’

Posted by on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 in Global Division

By Uzma Bawany, Executive Director; Thaakat Foundation

The day started with a visit to our partner school, Campus 2. This campus is another half mile into the landfill and exists primarily so that nursery age children don’t need to walk so far. It is also easier to convince them to attend nearby. All students older than age 6 from here have shifted to our campus.

The poverty is unbelievable, I mean you can’t imagine the sight. In the heaps of burning garbage, there are homes made with sticks and well- garbage. In these shacks live dozens of family members and often there are kids covered in ash and flies covering their bodies. Their noses are running profusely due to the smoke and pollution they are inhaling. The children we found lingering in the landfill during the day refuse to sit in the classrooms.

Now the ones who do attend the school, it’s truly moving to see. They are different children all together. In fact some of them are graduates of the school and have returned to teach.

During lunch we shifted to our campus, Campus 3. Our school serves this same population as well as the very poor who live in shantys and homes starting at the entrance of the landfill. A majority of these students will work outside of the home to help provide income to the family.

Hayat lives in a home with over 20 family members. In this same home live several cows, donkeys, goats and chickens. After school he takes his donkey cart into town to collect old vegetables to feed his livestock.

Nabi Baksh is a quiet young boy who works hard for his family. After school he makes samosas with his mother and walks through the village with his brother until sunset selling them to any hungry passerby. One delicious samosa sells for just 5 rupees (5 cents). 

Mohammed Naeem has dreams to be a doctor. A few years ago he was hit by a bike and lost his foot. He works at a small shop owned by his family of 17 people. He walks almost an hour each way to reach school over the hills.

My dad was in tears at the sight of all of the poverty and pulled out cash for handouts, in no time we had an army of people running for us. Though our students,  they will never beg, in fact when we got them biscuits they didn’t look up at me until I tapped them on the shoulder, patiently waiting their turn. Handouts only go so far. An education takes you much farther.

This unincorporated area of Kachra Kundi has people from all over the country. Hindus, Muslims, Pashtuns, Sikhs, Baloch and everyone else you can think of. The best thing is our school brings them all together. No one is ever asked about their religious background when enrolling, it’s irrelevant.

The work we are doing without a doubt is providing these students with a life that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Many of our studnets can’t wait to be doctors and teachers. Although we have made strides to help this community, our work is far from done.

Be a part of this journey and help this community thrive. Sponsor a child or make a general donation to this project.

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We now have running water at Konadu!

Posted by on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 in Global Division

“I had a dream and I didn’t know how to get to the bottom of it. I knew I would get there one day but it would have taken me years. With your support look at how far we have come in just 2 years. I can’t believe it. I don’t know what I’ve done to find partners like you but I am so thankful.

Water was something we needed very desperately. To drink, to eat, to clean, for use at our farm especially with dry season. We drilled 3 years ago and had no luck but I went back to the Ghana water company. I showed them what we do. I plead with them to please check again. At my request, with no fee until water was guaranteed, they reached fresh water at 300 ft! We connected pipes to bring it to our school and it has changed things like you could never imagine!

We launched the mushroom farm this year and at the start of this year it was just a thought. I can’t believe we have come so far. December we will harvest and we’ve already got our first 2000 compost bags ready to go. We are also expanding the unit! Thank you to the students and donors who made this possible.

It’s very hard to motivate young people. But our teaching staff is amazing. Did you know that government schools start enrolling at the age of 6, we take kids starting at 18 months so that their mothers can work. Can you imagine how hard it is to manage toddlers in a school setting? Our teachers really go out of their way, they are the ones that deserve the praise.”

– Clement Opoku Boamah, Principle at the Konadu Basic School

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Malaria awareness initiative launched in Sierra Leone!

Posted by on Monday, December 14, 2015 in Global Division

To help prevent and treat malaria in Sierra Leone, we launched a community wide malaria awareness initiative. 36 trained health care workers went door to door in six communities. 60 people were pulled for random on-site testing and 36 tested positive and were provided treatment.

What would have happened to these 36 individuals if we hadn’t reached them?

Future solutions planned:

  • The last Saturday of the month should be utilized as a cleaning day for the six communities.
  • A fine of 10,000 SLL was unanimously agreed upon for anyone that doesn’t comply.
  • Five appointed health care youth will work as sanitary officers to maintain a clean and healthy environment at all times.
  • Anyone experiencing signs and symptoms of malaria should immediately report to health center for testing and treatment.
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